Welcome   to   My   Other   Planet

Here everything is peaceful and beautiful. Dragons and unicorns dwell in harmony. You can visit Pine Valley, the home of All My Children or see celebritys like Antonio Banderas. And of course there are more knitting and crochet pattern here because that's my favorite hobby. There is also a Christmas Page. So wander around and visit a while. I have something for everyone. Please click on the links to the right of the screen to visit the various pages.

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My interplanetary list of links

Janets Planet
knitting and crochet patterns
Galadriels Page
A Dragon Meditation
Antonio Banderas
Celebrity Fun
Pine Valley
All about All My Children, the soap opera
Crochet Country 2
Crochet patterns
Knitting Knook 2
More knitting patterns
Charity Crafts and Links
Links to various charitys that use crocheted or knitted items.
More Dragons
Pictures and another meditation
Wedding Page
Wedding tips and hints
Headline News, Hollywood Gossip, and a mystery game
Christmas Page
Gift ideas

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